Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Let's Twitter

You know over the last two weeks I have been using twitter. At first I thought this was a useless app. But after using it you get addicted and start following friends, news, Government, Demi Moore :-), etc. I tweet all the time to my friends and just over a week or so I picked up almost 20 followers, why who knows.

It struck me today that this can be a useful tool for home inspectors. If we all signed up we can send a tweet of a problem while you are on site and someone could answer it. It would also work well with Realtors if they had a question. You can install these little apps on your phone, palm desktop etc. There are other apps that work with it like twirl. It's a little pop up window on my desktop letting me know if something is written by people I follow. It also lets you reply right there so you don't have to sign in on a browser.

It is also a useful tool for adding tweets to update comments on Plaxo, My Space, Face Book, etc. all from a little app on my desktop or phone.

Who knows you could get a big following................ and increase your business!


1 comment:

  1. I don't mean to be spaming anyone. Thought this would be a good way to communicate with each other. Pass it on to your fellow Inspectors.

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