Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Corrupt Government

It pulls my short hairs when I read the Raleigh News. We had a drought for awhile not long ago. They where putting restrictions on water usage. Businesses had to install water conservative fixtures etc. Now that everyone has cut back they want to raise the water rates because not enough water is being used. They want to raise the rate another 17% over the already 15% they are adding this year.

Am I the only one out there that is pissed.

Mike Schulz


  1. They voted it in. :-( It is a little lower (which is not unexpected for politicians). Tell the population the worst possible thing and then vote in what the politician wanted to begin with so it doesn't look so bad so they will be voted in again - typical politician.

  2. Well they got less then they wanted. 8% instead of 17%. That is 8% over the 15% that was already mandated. Your damned if you use water and damned if you don't.

  3. Who says they got less than they wanted???