Friday, October 28, 2011

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Monday, September 26, 2011

Affordable Home Inspections: Air handler Flow

Affordable Home Inspections: Air handler Flow: The return air is questionable and should be explained how the first and second floor is divided and how much return should be from ea...

Air handler Flow

The return air is questionable and should be explained how the first and second floor is divided and how much return should be from each floor.The first floor appears to have more square footage and one would think it would have the same and or larger return then the second floor.

As installed the first floor and second floor has 16x20 returns. One is in the first floor ceiling and one is above the door at the air handler. The first floor return is reduced to a 12" x 12" box installed at the floor of the air handler (why reduced) while the second floor above the door stays the same.

Thursday, March 31, 2011

Amid the Gloom, Consumers' View of Buying Conditions for Homes Improves

Consumer confidence fell back sharply in March amid concerns of rising gas and food prices. Consumer Sentiment retreated 12.9% in March to 67.5, according to the University of Michigan consumer survey. This reversed the gains recorded in the prior four months.

The losses were concentrated in the Expectations Index, which fell 19.1% to 57.9. Consumers are concerned about the prospects for the economy over the next 12 months, with “… the proportion of consumers who expected the economy to improve during the year ahead drop(ping) to 21% in March from 40% in February …”, as well as their own financial position, with “… just one-in-four consumers expecting their financial position to improve during the year ahead …” In addition, consumers no longer anticipate further declines in the unemployment rate over the next six months.

While consumers are concerned about the pace of economic growth and their financial position in the year ahead, their view of their present situation is better, with the Current Conditions Index slipping only 5.1% to 82.5.
Despite their gloomy economic outlook, consumers intend to keep spending, with no decline in their buying attitudes towards a range of consumer durables, including motor vehicles. The index of buying conditions for homes rose to 159, with 78% of respondents identifying that they believe home buying conditions were good—the highest level since May 2009. Low prices (63%) and low interest rates (41%) were cited as the main reasons. Following weak demand for both new and existing homes in February, the positive attitude towards housing suggests demand is likely to improve as we begin the Spring selling season.