Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Summer is here and our honey-do list has begun

Summer is here and our honey-do list has begun. As a home inspector, I see the adverse affects of not keeping the simplest elements of a home operating as intended. Here are a few tasks I suggest completing this summer.

First and foremost “Water“, is the biggest source of problems with a home. Check your gutters. Are they pitched correctly towards the downspout, clean, no leaks and extensions on downspouts to divert water away from the home? If not then get busy!

Crawl Space“, is it dry? Is it covered 100% with a plastic vapor barrier overlapped 12″ and pinned in place? If moisture is present what is causing it? Gutters/downspouts drain away from the home? Grade pitched towards the home? Air handler in the crawl space dripping condensation? Plumbing leak? If the answer is yes to any of these questions have a pro correct them.
Tree’s and Shrubs” Are there branches close to the roof that can cause damage during high winds? Are shrubs close to the siding? This will cause water to splash against the wall and keep moisture against it. I recommend minimum 2′ clearance to walls. Don’t plant shrubs or flowers close to the foundation that take a lot of water. Water can penetrate into the crawl space or cause uneven soil bearing for the foundation.

Mulch” Best practice would be to not use it against foundations. But if you must keep 6″ clearance to the start of the framing or siding on the foundation. Use cedar or other naturally insect resistant mulch.

Exterior Finish” Walk around your home and look for failed caulking joints, thin or peeling paint and indicators of water damage to your siding or trim.

Correcting issues early can save a lot of money later!

We at Affordable Home Inspections offer annual home checks at a reasonable cost that would include Roof, Exterior, Crawl Spaces, Attics or just a single component.

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